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Colorado-based luthier Jeff Bamburg claims he’s “just a tool maker,” saying he gets the most satisfaction out of hearing musicians use his instruments to create their craft. One look at his guitars makes it clear that he’s not simply a utilitarian.

Living and working in the small Rocky Mountain town of Salida, Colorado, Bamburg builds contemporary steel-string  guitars with such features as a cantilevered fingerboard extension, carbon- fiber neck reinforcements, sound ports,  multi scale fan frets and more.

“My first love in music is solo instrumental acoustic guitar. After viewing ‘Modern Luthier’ a video production by Will Ackerman in which he delves into the world of guitar making, I was inspired to try my hand at lutherie.  In building that first guitar, I became consumed with every aspect of the craft.  Guitar making involves woodworking skill, study of physics of sound, art, romance, intuition, and a measure of good fortune.  In lutherie I have found the perfect complement to my love of music.” 

 Jeff bamburg

Learn more about Jeff in this Talking Guitar interview where he discusses timbre and response, Fibonacci numbers and the natural beauty of wood!