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Incoming Models From Froggy Bottom

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When we talk about Froggy Bottom Guitars, we speak from the heart. Over the past few years Michael Millard (aka Mr Froggy Bottom) has become a dear friend of ours and Froggy Bottom have deeply routed their DNA into everything that is The North American Guitar.

Being one of the first brands we signed to our roster back in 2012, we have made it our mission to get as many Froggy Bottom guitars into the UK and into the hands of as many players as possible (including myself). And the response from every single person is and always has been the same: ”These guitars are unreal”.

They have a magic about them, every single instrument is individual in its own way but every single instrument has one thing in common. The Tone!

The best way a good friend of mine described Froggy Bottom’s tone was like being covered in honey. Warm, clean, precise, woody but with its signature snap. In a nut shell like something that should be coming from the likes of a a pre war Martin.

My story with Froggy is a simple one, for many years I had heard about these wonderful vintage sounding instruments made out in the sticks of Vermont USA but I had never actually played one. Until around 2012 when I was just finishing a tour of the UK & Ireland and was chatting with my good friend Michael Watts about how his TNAG trip to Froggy HQ had been. He was explaining how Michael Millard had been incredibly welcoming and the tour of the work shop had been a huge success; and Froggy Bottom Guitars were joining our growing roster of fabulous luthiers.

Fast forward six months and our first batch of stunning Froggy Bottom instruments arrived! One M Deluxe in Mahogany & Adirondack, one P14 in all Mahogany (still the greatest parlour I have ever played), one D14 Indian Rosewood Back & Sides and two K Deluxes, one in Walnut and one in Indian Rosewood. Holy mother of god these guitars were out of this world.

I had always played J200s, Hummingbirds, Eggles and Martins and loved them all - and still do! But for me when I picked up that D14 Deluxe with an Adirondack Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides and from the first moment I was hooked. I sold all my acoustic guitars and bought it three weeks later, and I have not looked back since. It is my workhorse, my pride and joy and (with out sounding cheesy) my friend! I’ve done over 400 gigs with her now, recorded an album and she and I have been all over the world playing and performing on both small and large stages and she just gets better and better with every year and every gig.

But enough about my Froggy Bottom story, what about the company and the wonderful people behind it….

Starting his woodworking career in a Connecticut boat works at the age of 10, under the tutelage of craftsmen, Michael Millard brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the task of building of individual instruments for individual musicians.

In 1970, Michael built his first Froggy Bottom Guitar in his apartment on New York’s Lower East Side. He bent the guitar’s sides on the ‘hot pipe’ – a heat riser running through his kitchen to the floors above.

Froggy Bottom Guitars was born.

A small team based out in Vermont, there are six people involved in the building of Froggy Bottom Guitars, and now celebrating over 40 years of Froggy Bottom Guitars, Michael has built around 5,000 different guitars, building every Froggy Bottom Guitar body and carving every neck. The purfling, spraying, decoration, and set up of the instruments are accomplished by different members of the Froggy Bottom team.

Froggy Bottom Guitars only produce 100 Guitars per year and we are overwhelmingly proud to say we are their exclusive European dealer bringing some of the finest acoustics in the world to the UK.

“Our methodology, our mission as guitar builders, and our determination to remain personally connected to each guitar– all conspire perfectly to limit the number of guitars that come out of the shop.” Michael Millard

We recently filmed Australian guitarist Adam Miller playing our current stock of Froggy Bottom Guitars:

Froggy Bottom H12 Limited Acoustic Guitar

Froggy Bottom K Limited Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

Froggy Bottom K Limited Acoustic Guitar

Froggy Bottom F14 Deluxe Acoustic Guitar

Froggy Bottom C Deluxe Acoustic Guitar

We have also just taken delivery of a wonderful M Limited in Malaysian Blackwood and will soon receive an S Deluxe in Mahogany and Adirondack Red Spruce.

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