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Elliott Capos



Elliott Capo

The North American Guitar is very proud to exclusively represent Elliott Capos in the UK & Ireland. Without a doubt the finest Capo available on the market. Every Elliott Capo is handcrafted of high quality stainless steel, then polished to a mirror finish.

Elliott Capos use a unique self-centering saddle design that keeps the capo securely positioned in the center of the instrument neck and over the fingerboard. Only genuine leather used to pad the saddle seat and protect your instrument’s finish.

The Elliott Capo is a beautifully handcrafted work of art, designed to help you make better sounding art. With multiple models to choose from, there’s an Elliott Capo for everyone.

Phill Elliott (a founding member of The Alan Munde Gazette) has designed and manufactured capos for many years. An accomplished guitar player himself, Phill has always had an active interest in well designed capos.

He lives in Brenham, TX with his wife Connie, where he builds capos, plays a little music, and enjoys spending time with his grandkids.


The Elliott Capo Story

While playing guitar in the mid 1970’s, Phill took an interest in finding a capo with a compact design, that would not interfere with the fretting hand, while playing.

Not finding what he wanted, Phill headed to his brother’s machine shop and began experimenting, making improvements to the prevailing capo design that was available at the time. These first Elliott Capos, Phill gave away to musician friends or sold to help cover the costs of materials. All the while, Phill continued to tinker with the design at every opportunity.

Eventually, he found himself making capos all week and picking at bluegrass festivals on the weekends. The Elliott Capo had been born.