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Talking Guitar Videos

Our archive of luthier interviews and guitar information!

Tobias Lindberg - "Basically The Future Was Cooler in the Past"

Three Centuries of The Acoustic Guitar 

The Birth of a Kostal Guitar

Prof. John Thomas - Kalamazoo Gals

Michael Greenfield

Why You Should Love the Telecaster Style Bridge Pickup!

Prof. John Thomas - Brazilian Rosewood and CITES

Why You Need a Small Jumbo in Your Life

Why You Need a Dreadnought in Your Life!

Michael Spalt - The Holy Grail Guitar Show

Tim Farrell - "Double Drop D and more!"

Kaki King - "The Neck is a Bridge to the Body"

Clive Carroll - The Furthest Tree

Joel Michaud - Michaud Made Guitars

Jason Kostal - Starting out as a Luthier

Ellie Rose - Andrew White Guitars

James Walsh (Starsailor) - The Songwriting Process

Mi'das - Avian Guitars

Effective Practice Sessions

Adam Miller - Influences, Style and Technique

Chris and Jeremy Jenkins - Komona Wauna Leiya Ukuleles and the story of Dusty Johnson

Jason Kostal - The OO and Jumbo Models

Jason Kostal and Ted Åstrand

Casimi Guitars - Designing A Rosette

Jeff Bamburg - Bamburg Guitars

Kostal Guitars - The Seal

Froggy Bottom Guitars - With Stuart Ryan

Curves, Contours and Cutaways

Dale Fairbanks

Michael Spalt - Spalt Electric Guitars

Rosewood or Mahogany?

Jake Maclay - Hive Ukuleles

Nail Care For The Fingerstyle Guitarist

Is a Fan Fret Guitar Right For You?

Scott Walker - The Solace Model

Jason Kostal - The New OO Model

Lame Horse Guitars with Chris and Jeremy Jenkins


 Michael Greenfield - The GF Model


Manish Pingle - Hindustani Slide Guitar