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""I am sure many of you, like me, enjoy being teased and tantalised by The North American Guitar’s e-mail newsletters. Each week the latest selection of beautiful and eminently desirable guitars pops into my inbox, provoking awe and not a little frustration at not having the wherewithal to… just buy them all.

 Every so often, TNAG newsletters subscribers are privy to a secret sale, and I just succumbed to a great offer. Whilst listening to Michael Watts playing candidates over the telephone is a bit like hearing a ventriloquist on the radio, we quickly decided on the best deal for me, an Andrew White Freja 112 made from indian rosewood and sitka spruce.

 Despite the fact this it is probably the least expensive guitar I have ever bought for myself, it is very nice indeed - amazing, in fact, at this (admittedly discounted) price point. It has good tone, excellent build quality and is very accessible.  What I thought would be a utility instrument has turned out to be played a lot… which says a lot..""

- PS

""...just wanted to say a huge thank you for the excellent TNAG bespoke service! It didn't take more than a single email to feel the passion these guitar experts treat their customers with - the way my sonic and optical desires merged into an amazing instrument turned out to be clearly unrivalled. Needless to say I was delighted to be kept informed about the built process until my guitar actually arrived. Highly recommended to every true guitar connoisseur!" "

- MB

"A fine acoustic guitar is a work of art, and a joy to play. And the North American Guitar Shop is a wonderful gallery – a veritable feast for your eyes and ears. Ben and Michael’s knowledge and service is second to none; my guitar was set up just as I requested and delivered to my door. So I would highly recommend a visit to sample the best guitars on the market, while you enjoy a nice cuppa on the sofa! "

- GP

"Just wanted to say a quick thanks to yourself and all at The North American Guitar for your help, advice and prompt service. Your quick reply to my emails and telephone calls proved you were dedicated to finding the guitar I desired. Whilst my dream goddess was not the most expensive in your catalogue, the service you provided was second to none. It was duly dispatched and received within 24 hours and I haven't stopped smiling since. It was packaged carefully and set-up perfectly. In time I may be tempted to upgrade and I may get chance to get down to London in person (oh no I think the temptation may be too great), but for now, she's captured my heart and ears. Thanks TNAG and hope to do business again."

- MH

"Wow what a lovely instrument! Better than my wildest dreams! You can see why these small American makers are eating into Gibson and Martin's sales. You would have a hard time finding a Gibson Smeck reissue off the self that sounds as nice as the Fairbanks! The thing was only built in April it sounds open already! "

- SJ

"Just a short note of thanks to both yourself and Michael, from our first conversation on the phone to the attentive experience I received when visiting you shop, whilst I was trying your guitars I never felt rushed or pressurised, If anybody is considering purchasing a beautiful quality crafted instrument, in great surroundings, I strongly recommend The North American Guitar, you will not be disappointed."

- TH

"Just wanted to say the Circa 000 is an absolutely wonderful guitar. Many thanks for your hospitality. I think the premises you have are spot on - plenty of space and a nice environment in which to play."

- SH

" The Scott Walker Solace arrived safe and well thank you! An amazing piece of kit designed by a slide player for slide players..."

- MN

"Michael, Brace yourself, as the following may come as a shock...

There is no easy way to say this, to break the news as it were. I'm giving it to you straight Michael - The Guitar, temptress that she is, shall remain here in perpetuity (or the next couple of years at least) among the glens and the heather. She is utterly adorable - spirited and with a sting in her tail.

She makes a mockery of other guitars I've owned. As for the neck profile - perfect!

A joy to play, such comfort.

To conclude: I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the professional and efficient way you have dealt with my order.

Be assured that this wonderful instrument is in good hands and will be well cared for."

- CM

"It has been a true pleasure ordering my Kostal MD through TNAG. From the start, Michael guided me through the process. His knowledge on woods and guitar construction was invaluable and his demonstration of the demo model deserved a standing ovation! Once ordered, Michael put me in contact with Jason who, at every stage, tailored the guitar to my specific needs. It has been an honour to watch the build progress and to own a guitar by a modern master. To say I am ecstatically happy with the guitar does not do it justice. Thank you Michael and thank you Jason.

Buying a professional grade instrument can be a challenge but thanks to the great selection of guitars and relaxed ambience at TNAG I was able to choose the right instrument for me. Froggy Bottom guitars are renowned as being amongst the best in the world and as a performance and recording guitar my M model is unsurpassed."

-Stuart Ryan (Guitar Techniques)

"The guitar has been a part of my life for nearly four decades now and despite having collected vintage instruments by the big names for many years I can honestly say that my experience ordering a custom guitar from you has been one of the most enriching of my life. Thank you so much for handling the process so professionally!"

- GD

8 months ago I visited Michael Watts @ The North American Guitar, and was immediately smitten by the sound of Michael Greenfield's guitars.

Well this week I finally took delivery of my Greenfield GF, and it's even better than I remembered. The finish is breathtaking, the playability is perfect for my taste (nice chunky neck), and the sound is beyond words.

Kudos must go to Michael Watts for making this the most enjoyable guitar-purchase of my life!

- JD

Inspiring guitar, new songs/pieces already on the way ! I will be in touch at some point about an 'M' model as well.

Thank you so much for all your assistance. It made the whole business a complete pleasure.

- MS

Thanks for the great service and general guitar advice, support and helpfulness this year. TNAG is a great addition to the musical landscape and my new guitar was a major result for me personally after a frustrating period of guitar 'churn’.

- NE

I still think I'm in dreamworld with this guitar. I love my strats and my patrick eggle, no offense meant but it's like comparing a ford to a lambourghini. Michael Watts really shows how it should be driven. I'm 68 but it will be past on to a young man who at this time is studying music at university.I hope not yet awhile though.

- JJ

"Having studied the perceived tone quality or timbre of sounds for some years I know how difficult it is to capture in words the timbral richness of great guitars. The Scott Walker guitar is breathtaking - like honey but complex with a telecaster grit edge, different but lovely in every position: neck, bridge and mid positions offer variations on bell-like ringings - amazing. Last night I lingered for minutes on variations around a simple D chord in the first position. My wife commented it was the electric equivalent of a Stefan Sobell acoustic - a perfect assessment."

- DM