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2014 Tom Bills Cremona Archtop

For years now I have had a fond hope that at some point I might cross paths with one of Tom Bills' legendary archtop guitars. This week that day actually came, this sublime 2014 "Cremona" arrived at TNAG HQ!

This is a stunning instrument with a hand carved soundboard of select Lutz Spruce (Lutz is a natural hybrid of Sitka and Engelmann and has the best sonic aspects of both). The back and sides are mastergrade Flamed Maple.

This beautiful instrument has more than lived up my expectations for the work of this world-renowned builder of archtop jazz guitars. The detail work is exceptional as is the painstakingly hand-applied shellac finish.

This guitar is alive! Extremely responsive with a beautiful bloom to every note.

The custom Lollar floating humbucker (volume and tone controls are hidden under the Ebony scratch plate) sounds gorgeous as you can hear in this video which shows both the electric and acoustic characters of this guitar. the guitar was played through an AER Compact 60 (more of which next week!)

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