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AER Tommy Emmanuel Signature Amp Arrives

We're pleased to have this week received our first AER Tommy Emmanuel signature amp! Tommy has played through AER amps for a number of years, and this signature model takes the company's best-selling Compact60 amp that Tommy uses on stage and adds some new features.


The amp, nicknamed 'Tommy's Amp', adopts the same chassis as the Compact60, but adds Tommy's signature and aboriginal carvings embossed into the sides of the amps. The amp also ships with AER's high quality padded gig bag, which has been embroidered with the Tommy's Amp logo.


Tommy has been using an Alesis MidiVerb with his AER Compact 60 on stage, and his signature amp features the Alesis MidiVerb settings on effects preset 3. Additionally, although Tommy uses his AER amp on stage as a monitor, he likes the effects to be sent to the DI output, therefore his signature amp now does this too.

Watch Tommy talk about his stage set up in the video below:

The AER Tommy Emmanuel Signature amp is now in stock. For more information, please click here.

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