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A Wonderful Evening with Tony McManus

It is a good day at work when you have one of the world's greatest fingerstyle guitarists casually flying into London especially to perform at your event that night!

At 2pm last Wednesday afternoon we were greeted with the warm and friendly tones of "Hi guys, it's Tony...".

Having just landed at Heathrow, Tony McManus and Julia Toaspern, a very talented violinist and guitarist, had jumped into a hire car and driven straight to TNAG to check out the new showroom and have a catch-up. Having not seen Tony since the Santa Barbara guitar show back in 2016, we had much to talk about.

Tony ready to demo our stunning Henderson OM Acoustic Guitar in Brazilian Rosewood

Tony Playing our PRS Private Stock Tony McManus Signature Angelus

Seeing as Tony was here, we asked if he would mind filming some of our instruments that he would be performing with before the event kicks off. Tony kindly obliged and you can see the stunning performances that he treated us to below:

Bamburg: FSC Ziricote / Adirondack Spruce

Tippin Crescendo Acoustic Guitar - Pre-Owned

PRS Private Stock Tony McManus Signature Angelus Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Froggy Bottom H12 Limited Acoustic Guitar - Koa & Adirondack Spruce

Henderson OM Acoustic Guitar, Brazilian Rosewood & Adirondack Spruce

The event started with our usual champagne reception followed by what can only be described as one of the most enjoyable TNAG gigs we have experienced. Tony's playing was simply out of this world, taking us on a journey of past familiar songs, Celtic and Ukrainian pieces and even a touch of Bach. Tony told funny stories about the many tours he has done over the years and how he met Martin Simpson for the first time.

We would like to thank every person who attended the night, I am sure you will all agree that Tony and Julia were sensational, a very special thank you to them for a night of incredible music and laughter! Stay tuned for a Talking Guitar interview with Tony McManus next week.

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