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Avian's 2017 Range Finally Arrives After CITES Delay

The eagle has landed but it has been a very long flight!

As you all will know, the new CITES laws that came into affect in January this year put the guitar market into quite a spin with the movement of Indian Rosewood going on to CITES appendix two. In short, for all imports and exports of instruments that contain Indian Rosewood, each party requires a re-export permit and/or an import permit to bring them into the UK (and the rest of the world). I am not going to lie, it was a very steep learning curve for The North American Guitar to ensure business carried on as usual and our global sales network continued to grow without causing delays to our customers and shipping our wonderful instruments all over the world. But there were a few bumps along the way!

After many hours online reading up on the CITES regulations and pestering the team down in Bristol (England) on the phone, we soon got a good grip on shipping guitars with Indian Rosewood to customers with out any major delays.

However, the biggest CITES issue we have experienced this year has been with Avian Guitars. Through absolutely no fault of their own, the CITES application and shipment has taken well over 8 months for them to finally touch down at TNAG HQ. In short, sudden huge demand for Chinese CITES applications back in January meant a back log of paperwork a very slow and arduous process. However, they are now here and boy oh boy are they incredible and well worth the wait!

For those of you who don’t know here is a little recap!

After much planning, re-branding and product development, Avian Guitars launched their new 2017 line up at this year’s Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Michael Bashkin (Chief Avian Designer), Abraham Wechter (Avian General Manager), Roger Kimp (Avian Founder), Myself and TNAG’s Richard Poll all flew to the show and set up the very popular Avian Guitars booth in the acoustic hall and launched the range to huge success. The entire booth was sold to a new US dealer and gained a lot of attention and attraction from press, dealers, customers and players a like. You could say we were ready and set for a knock out year of selling Avian Guitars all over the world. The general consensus from every customer, player, dealer and journalist that played an Avian Guitars all said one thing; “How do they make such a high quality instrument at this price?”

The mastermind designs of Avian Guitars from Master luthiers Michael Bashkin & Harry Fleishman are not only innovative and sonically superb, but comfortably and visually stunning. There are five different models available from the 2017 range and each guitar is designed to perfection giving the player exactly what they are looking for in their instrument but with modern contemporary looks, feel, design and tone.

The Songbird

This stunning instrument is an extremely versatile, medium sized guitar (think OM with a wider waist), that is an excellent blank canvas for custom features such as the Demi-Cutaway, Ryan-style bevel and Fan Frets.

The dimensions, scale length and nut width will all feel very familiar and comfortable, and the Songbird has been used by songwriters, flatpickers and technical finger stylists alike.

Avian Songbird Rosewood Deluxe Fan Fret Electro

The Skylark

This wonderful and surprisingly popular guitar received Guitarist Magazine’s ‘Guitar of the Month’ award a few years back when it first launched into the UK via The North American Guitar. The Skylark really shows the innovation of contemporary guitar design that is the back bone of Avian Guitars, and what sets them apart from similar guitar brands in their price point.

Showcasing Harry Fleishman’s signature offset sound hole design with a non-cutaway body, combining both traditional and modern features to create a really beautiful and unique guitar. Aimed more towards alternate tunings such as DADGAD and dropped tunings this guitar is both beautifully balanced and sonically very smooth. A real favourite in the UK & European Market.

Avian Skylark Mahogany Deluxe Fan Fret Electro

The Dove

The perfect little blues guitar aimed directly at the singer songwriter listening to the likes of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran etc. A modern interpretation on a 19th century French Parlour guitar, the Dove is a stunning little instrument, with a modern arm bevel designed for comfort.

The Dove’s tone belies its small footprint and is much loved by singer-songwriters such as Ben Parker (Son of Town Hall), Emma Stevens (BBC Radio 2) and James Walsh (Starsailor) to name just a few…

The Ibis

A personal favourite of mine is a big-bodied guitar influenced by traditional large American guitars (SJ, J-200 etc..) but with contemporary features and looks that can only come from the mind of master luthier Michael Bashkin

The Ibis readily lends itself to rhythm and flat picking with power and projection, and is designed to have a generous low end response but with clarity due to the reduced body depth.

The Falcon

The only baritone guitar currently in stock in The North American Guitar showroom, is designed to carry and project a huge expansive bass and fat trebles while still comfortable to play, especially with the Ryan-style arm bevel.

The Falcon is a true baritone with a 28″ scale and .016 -.070″ strings tuned to B, and offers the throaty low voice only achievable from a baritone.

We are incredible proud to be the exclusive European Avian Guitars Dealer. please click here to see the stunning range we now (finally) have in stock.

Have a great weekend.



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