B&G Guitars Handwound Pickups: P90s vs Humbuckers vs Kikbuckers

B&G Guitars Little Sister Private Build Comparison

For three years now we've been proudly representing B&G Guitars and have been excitedly watching as their company has gone from strength to strength.

While B&G's product catalogue has expanded to include Big Sister and Step Sister designs, the new Prototype amp and the eagerly anticipated acoustic model, not to mention the production of Crossroads versions of the Little Sister, at the heart of it all still lies the initial inspiration for the entire company, the Little Sister Private Build.

Today, the Little Sister Private Build is available with a variety of finish options as well as three pickup choices, all hand wound by B&G and all with their own individual tonal loveliness.

P90s: These are the quintessential B&G pickup. The pickups behind the tone most people first heard from a Little Sister, and the star of the company's 'Making of the Little Sister' video.

Humbuckers: Very much inspired by vintage PAF pickups, these humbuckers have a surprisingly low output compared to more modern imposters, meaning they are neither muddy nor shrill in the top end. A smooth and gorgeous pickup that's equally impressive at providing shimmering cleans as it is cutting through tube overdrive.

Kikbuckers: B&G's newest pickup, named after its designer, B&G co-founder Kiki Goldstein, is housed in the same footprint as the P90. This means you're never too sure if a guitar has Kikbuckers until you plug it in. But then, oh boy can you tell!

Think a noiseless P90 with a bit more clarity in the trebles leaning towards Strat-style single-coil territory. The result is a fantastic pickup that cuts through brilliantly, with great tightness in the bass and traditional single-coil throatiness at the neck. A glorious invention unlike any other pickup we've tried.

We invited our friend Stuart Ryan to TNAG HQ to take them for a test drive and film a comparison video so that you can hear for yourself the differences between them:

So what did you think? Feel free to leave a comment below with your favourite.
B&G's hand wound pickups are available in all Private Build Little Sister and Step Sister models, and can also be purchased separately to be fitted to a Crossroads model.
View our current stock of B&G Guitars here. For more information, please get in contact by calling +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or emailing us.


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