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B&G Step Sister Model Announced

B&G Guitars Step Sister Electric Guitar

B&G Guitars has today announced the release of the Step Sister Private Build, the next edition in the Sister series, following the release of the critically acclaimed Little Sister Private Build, Little Sister Crossroads and Big Sister Private Build bass.

B&G Step Sister

The B&G Step Sister is based on the original Little Sister design, but adds an extra two frets, making 22 in total and puts the neck join at the 16th fret. The Step Sister also adds B&G's new solid headstock to the design.

B&G Guitars Step Sister

The video below features the Step Sister equipped with B&G's brand new Kikbucker pickups, which are a unique design that are housed in a P90 size and behave like traditional single coils but with hum-cancelling.

The Step Sister is available with B&G's handwound P90s & Humbuckers too, and there's even an all-solid body version available too.

We've ordered three Step Sisters from B&G's first batch, with prices starting from £3,995 including VAT. Click here to pre-order now. For more information and to pre-order from the first batch, please call us on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or email us.

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