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Colorado's Jeff Bamburg makes extraordinary guitars. These beautiful instruments are extremely versatile, excelling as solo fingerstyle guitars and supporting instruments for the singer songwriter. In this Talking Guitar video we look at what makes Jeff's work so unique.

We have some gorgeous Bamburg guitars in stock at the moment, check out this Quilted Sapele FSC model! The soundboard is made from beautiful German Spruce.


And the back and sides are sensational quilted Sapele! The FSC is an amazingly comfortable and lively guitar, despite it's smaller size this guitar absolutely loves a pick. The bass growls and the trebles are full and bell-like.


Check it out in action below!

This is the Bamburg JSB model, a 16" small jumbo with, in this case, a fore-arm bevel and a beveled cutaway! Once again we have a German Spruce top.


The back and sides are Wengé, an African hardwood that has shot to prominence in recent years due to its incredible tone. This guitar has a big but balanced sound. Very focused and precise. An amazing fingerstyle guitar but with enough power for the strummer.


Check it out in action!

For more information on these wonderful guitars please do get in touch we'd love to show you these instruments in person and look forward to welcoming you to our new showroom!

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