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Behind the Songs: Rachel Sumner & Traveling Light

We are back with another Behind the Songs, and this time Lindsay reunites with three friends from Boston while they're on their first tour of through the Southeast: Rachel Sumner & Traveling Light!

With songs as sweet and biting as the nectar and venom in her voice, Rachel Sumner has been captivating audiences throughout the northeast with her exciting new band Traveling Light. While their instrumentation and textures show roots deep in bluegrass and traditional folk music, Sumner's lyric-forward writing and penchant for snaking chord progressions demand something beyond folk conventions, highlighting the acrobatic range of her brilliant bandmates Kat Wallace (fiddle/harmonies) and Mike Siegel (upright bass/harmonies).

"Though Sumner has roots in both the bluegrass and classical worlds, this is true-blue singer-songwriter folk through and through, too: achingly clear, and wide open to the world, with twang and tenderness enough to carry us through the fire of an unusually difficult year on its own."

Cover Lay Down

Rachel, Kat and Mike performed "Lose My Love", a song originally written and recorded during Rachel's days with modern bluegrass band Twisted Pine. Following that, her dark ballad "Radium Girls" about the true story of the women who suffered from their experience working in the radium factories after World War I. Lastly, a nod to their upcoming album release (coming August 5th!), they finished off with "If You Love Me", a Johnny Cash poem Rachel set to music.

Rachel plays her own Martin dreadnought on the first song, and then TNAG's Tippin Staccato Pink Lady on the second two.

Learn more about Rachel and her band Traveling Light:




Pre-order her fabulous new album, out August 5th:


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