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Brazilian, Madagascar and Indian Rosewood - Can You Hear The Difference?

We had such a great response to our first "Can You Hear The Difference?" video that we couldn't wait to do another one. And here it is! Three dreadnoughts, all Rosewood and Spruce but with subtle differences, all together we have a number of different variables for you to have fun with - Vintage / Modern, Adirondack / Sitka / Aged (Torrified) wood and of course, the Brazilian / Madagascar / Indian Rosewood challenge!

The three guitars featured are:

1960 Martin D28 (Brazilian Rosewood / Sitka Spruce)

Bourgeois Custom D (Madagascar Rosewood / Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce)

Froggy Bottom D14 Deluxe (Indian Rosewood / Adirondack Spruce)

Here comes the video, put on some headphones, concentrate, listen, listen again, leave your answer as a comment on our YouTube channel and have fun!

Oh and if you get it right you could win an Ethos Custom Brands Cognac Run handmade guitar strap and a Wolfram Martin Simpson signature slide in stainless steel!

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