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Build Thread: Deimel Guitars

We recently caught up with Frank Deimel to discuss the builds which he is currently making for The North American Guitar. Frank gave us his thoughts on the instruments and models which he is making...

"The Doublestar is based on my first love for the electric guitar, the Les Paul Junior. Owning an original 1959 model, I know how these guitars can inspire to pure playing fun, without distracting bling bling, so to say :-) The stripped down „student“ concept, the pure tone of simple ingredients, and the sheer beauty of its almost symmetrical shape, all this got me into it, at times where New Wave and Punk took over during my time as a youngster.

But, and that has become my driving force in building guitars, I searched for further reincarnations, based on an already great design by not stopping the research and development which big companies have been not allowed to, as marketing rules forbid to move forward from historic patterns.

Same as our best-seller the Firestar, The Doublestar features the not so obviuos, but inherent thinking, I like so much: creating a new recipe, by using ingredients of great acceptance. Besides a re-design of the original outline of the Doublecut model, the body received heavy contours, ressembling of those of a Strat. The comfort I always loved in that, why not use it on this shape? The longer scale, also something I always liked due to my bigger hands, adds additonal response, and get the guitar into a more open territory, a liitle bit away from the midrange monsters they are. Figuring out a stabile neck body joint, but still using a neck pickup, something I truly challenged over the years, without sacrificing any of the cool looks of the last fret sitting on the edge of the body shape.

All these plus our beloved Vibratone bridge, which allows for maximum string resonance and tuning stabilty reclls the same basic idea, using classic ingredients, and refining the tones we all love and know. We love how set neck guitars with these kind of bridges interact, it is as if you can squeeze out the last bit of tone of the spanish leightweight cedar. A 3 mm maple top veneer adds that squish of treble and sustain, needed to give it a full bodied sound experience!

Soon more on our builds coming soon to the North American Guitar Store! "

For more information on Deimel Guitars please email us here or call us on 020 7835 5597.
Have a great weekend.

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