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Build Thread: Casimi Guitars

We recently received an update from Casimi Guitars on the builds that are currently on the work bench at the Casimi workshop in South Africa: 

The new Casimi Guitars model C4S in The Tree

It was time. We’ve spent the last seven years exploring, honing, and perfecting our models C1, C2 and C3. We like to think we’ve made some customers very happy and we’ve certainly had plenty of fun at the bench. But, having established a great recipe, we just knew there was still more we could do with it. So here it is, the first of its kind, The Casimi C4.

Nothing less than the Tree Mahogany and Alpine Moon spruce would suffice for this special instrument which also sports all our signature features. Hollow headstock, carved and inlayed rosette and a Hollow port magnetic bridge. As per our standard, we’ve included arm and rib bevels, a Florentine cutaway and of course we are sticking to our 12th fret body join.


To give a basic outline of this new model, you could say it’s simply an expanded version of our existing work. 17” across the lower bout brings us into full jumbo territory with all its attendant low end thunder and resonant sustain. This is up from the C3’s 16.5”

As with all our instruments we’ve maintained the same body shape only altering the size and some ratios. We like to keep things in the family aesthetically speaking and since the most significant factor in the difference between guitar models is their size, this is what we have stuck to.

This particular instrument has a Mayan thme in homage to the forests of Honduras, the birth place of the legendary "The Tree". The inlays on the rosette are therefore based on traditional Mayan motifs in brass, copper and Blacklipped pearl. The rosette itself is carved ebony with brass, maple and Tree mahogany purfling.


We are very excited about this new model for a number of reasons. Firstly, both of us are huge fans of sustain and powerful low end. We are confident the C4 will give us this in spades without sacrificing any of the other attributes our sound has become known for.. But even more exciting is the opportunity this model affords us in terms of stepping into baritone territory some time in the near future. The C5 is another new member of the Casimi family waiting in the wings. It will be an offshoot of the C4 and we have already begun plans for a new commission through The North American Guitar for just such an instrument!




Update: 14.08.19


Thats all we can divulge at this point, but its definitely going to be an exciting build!

A huge thank you to Ben and the team at TNAG for making this possible! 

C3S in The Tree and Moon Spruce

Another amazing project this year is a C3S in The Tree. This instrument also features an alpine moon spruce top and is replete with all our signature features. Hollow headstock, carved and inlayed rosette and Hollow port magnetic bridge. In edition, it also has a very special custom sound port in brass open work with black lipped pearl and stained koa. It depicts an amazonian tree frog resting on a leaf. A project I enjoyed immensely.



Like the C4S mentioned above, this is a mayan themed guitar in homage to the forests of Honduras, where the legendary The Tree Once grew. 

We have selected a particularly stunning set of The Tree for this guitar. It has a very even, lateral quilting pattern with incredible detail.
It is such a privilege to work with this rarest and most precious of tone woods, so to honour this, we also include a special pearl and brass version of our logo on the headstock of all guitars we build in The Tree.




Update 14.08.19



 C2 Signature in African Blackwood and Moon Spruce

This build really represents our most tried and tested model and choice of materials. The C2S was our prototype model upon which all our other models, aesthetics and work are based. The combination of African Blackwood back and sides with Alpine Moon spruce top is a quintessentially Casimi.


This guitar also has all the Casimi signature features making it what we call “a full signature instrument” or S class instrument.

ABW being from Africa, the rosette and back-strip detail are inspired by African motifs. It’s going to be a beautiful instrument and one who’s build we are enjoying very much.




Also on the bench this year for us is another African Blackwood and Moon spruce C2SF, (F denoting Fan fret) and an Hawaiian koa and Moon spruce C1S. These builds are still in their early phases, so build photos will commence later in the year.


For more information on Casimi Guitars, please click here or feel free to get in touch by calling +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or by emailing us here.

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