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Clive Carroll Album Launch!

Huge thanks are due to all who joined us this week for the launch of Clive Carroll's new record The Furthest Tree! Thank you to Cristina Schek and Michael Johnson for the beautiful photography!

You may have spotted a familiar face in the audience...

That's right! Tommy Emmanuel had flown in specially for the evening and joined Clive for a beautiful duet encore!

The Furthest Tree is out now, you can learn more in this Talking Guitar video with Clive himself where he goes through some of the album tracks (on a Kostal OMc) and talks about the inspiration and processes that went into the creation of this superb record.

Oh and Tommy played this gorgeous Froggy Bottom M Limited in Quilted Sapele and German Spruce! It sounded pretty good...

Clive Carroll and Tommy Emmanuel are touring the UK together in January of next year and you don't want to miss it! Tickets are available here.

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