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Clive Carroll - TNAG Sessions

This is very special indeed... Clive Carroll has a unique talent that leaves me unable to stop grinning. His phrasing, control and sheer inventiveness is absolutely breathtaking. Here he is on a Froggy Bottom G Limited playing "In The Deep". Watch out for the 6th string tuned to B and some astonishing second fret two finger bends!

Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of his Second Wife is an extraordinary piece of music that has featured in the repertoires of many players including Scottish classical virtuoso Matthew McAlister. In Clive's hands it becomes truly ethereal. A stunning performance on pre-owned  Kostal OM

Finally clive performed a lyrical, tender version of the Gershwin classic "Embraceable You" on a Michaud Made OM-R

Thank you Clive for an inspirational afternoon! Clive's new album The Furthest Tree is available now!

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