Comparison: Kraut Modified Dreadnought Amazon vs Brazilian Rosewood

The Modified Dreadnought. It's got the responsiveness and sustain that fingerstylists want, combined with the dynamic range and power that, well, everyone wants!

We've got two mod Ds in now from Raymond Kraut, one in Amazon rosewood, the other in Brazilian rosewood. How do you think Amazon stacks against the ever-lauded Brazilian?

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We’re absolutely thrilled to present this latest instrument from Kraut Guitars. The Mod D (modified dreadnought) is the ideal guitar for fingerstylists. With an intense bass response and full, clear trebles, this Mod D has an articulate and musical voice that’s balanced yet powerful. This Mod D is crafted from the highest grade Swiss Moon Spruce for its soundboard and striking straight quartersawn Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides.

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The Kraut Mod D (modified dreadnought), inspired by the design originated by Ervin Somogyi, is the ideal guitar for fingerstylists who want to maximize their volume and acoustic presence. Though large-bodied, the curvier design and tighter waist ensure a guitar is comfortable to play while seated, and the light build ensures immediate responsiveness. This Mod D is crafted from the highest grade Swiss moon spruce for its soundboard, and a beautifully figured set of Amazon rosewood with sapline for the back and sides. Bass presence, this guitar most certainly has. With the right strike of your thumb or a flatpick, you'll feel it in your belly, while the trebles sing out above. In some ways, this particular guitar has a more traditional tone to it than we'd expect from a modified dreadnought. It possesses some of the warmth of a standard, played-in dread, combined with the bell-like clarity we've come to expect from this design.


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