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Electric Guitar Mashups!

The arrival of this pre-owned Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster caused quite a few double takes here at TNAG HQ!

I've often pondered the possibilities that a guitar like this might offer (even trawling eBay for the constituent parts at one point) and this master build by Dennis Galuzska exceeds all my expectations!

I've always loved the original telecaster design (especially the brass-mounted, overwound bridge pickup which snarls like nothing else...) but the un-contoured body can feel a little brutal and the comfort of the strat design is undeniable.

How does it sound? Check it out below!

Also just arrived in our pre-owned section is this wonderful Super Jet by Don Grosh.

This is the first Grosh guitar we've had here and I hope it won't be the last. This elegant instrument combines the best of the Stratocaster, Jazzmaster and Les Paul and is a huge amount of fun to play! Check it out below!

It's very inspiring to see how today's luthiers are combining elements of iconic designs, one of my favourite at the moment is Michael Spalt's 624 HB, a beautiful amalgam of Gibson, Gretsch, and Zemaitis with a tone and feel that can only come from Spalt's Vienna workshop.

Here it is in action!

For more information on any of these guitars or to book an appointment get in touch!

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