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Fairbanks F-LG has just arrived!

It's always a pleasure to receive a guitar from Dale Fairbanks, and in the case of this beautiful F-LG, it is the first of this model that has come to the UK!


Based on Gibson's LG-0 design from 1958, this F-LG features torrified Mahogany on the back, top and sides giving it a beautiful, deep colour and an immediate vintage timbre. Original 1950's LG's have a gorgeous woody sound that is perfect for Blues and Americana. However, this Fairbanks F-LG brings that same gorgeous tone but with a much faster response and wider dynamic range!


Dale Fairbanks uses Spanish Cedar for the heel and tail block on his guitars which helps to make his instruments extremely light weight and resonant. It's no exaggeration to say that he builds modern guitars in a way that the vintage originals should have been made.


Check it out in action below!

For more information about this wonderful instrument or to book an appointment at our London showroom please do get in touch

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