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Fairbanks F20-S Receives Excellent Review in Guitar & Bass

Whenever we receive a guitar from Dale Fairbanks, it is always a special occasion. Dale has a way of building a new guitar that sounds, feels and looks like a vintage instrument. With vast experience of restoring vintage Martin and Gibson guitars, it’s safe to say that Dale knows what to look for building his own guitars.

As such, it was no surprise that, when we offered Guitar & Bass magazine the chance to review our Fairbanks F20-S model, they bit our hands off!


The F20-S is a gorgeous take on Dale’s own 1936 Gibson L-00 model, with Honduran Mahogany back and sides with a Red Spruce top, Honduran Mahogany neck and one of the most gorgeous Madagascar Rosewood fretboards we’ve ever seen.


Highlights from the review include:

“This intimate encounter with the F20’s body parts also reveals the extraordinarily high standard of the build.”

“a very rich harmonic content to complement the warm sparkle and very long sustain. Similarly, the bass weight belies the body size, and a firm playing touch can generate notes with real thump, snap and power.”

“a very easy guitar to play in standard as well as open tunings, and excels with the bottleneck. The bass end remains commendably defined and the plain strings are never overpowered.”

“Superb build quality. Big and majestic tone. Very impressive bass response. Fine playability.”

"The Fairbanks F20 combines many vintage Gibson characteristics with flawless playability and impressive volume and balance."

The Fairbanks F20-S is available to purchase now for £5,750. Find out more and see it in action here. Check out the full review from Guitar & Bass magazine here.

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