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Financing Your Bespoke Build Guitar

We know that, for many, financing any high-end instrument can be a daunting task, and perhaps even more so for a bespoke build.
That's why we offer a variety of finance options to assist you in purchasing your custom-built guitar, helping to make that dream guitar an even more achievable reality.

How the Bespoke Process Works

We pre-book build slots with the luthiers on our roster, often years in advance, which allows you to jump their build queue and get your bespoke build sooner.
As you can understand, there is usually high demand for these build slots, therefore it is wise to reserve your build slot to ensure you don’t miss out. To reserve a slot, we require a 35% deposit of the full amount of that luthier’s starting price.
Once your build slot is reserved, we then work with you to spec your guitar based on your every tonal and ergonomic requirement. Should the price have increased based on your specs, any further deposit will then be taken to secure your specs. The remaining balance is then due when the guitar is in the finishing process with the luthier.

Financing Your Guitar

We offer a range of finance plans to suit all.

DivideBuy & Divido

For UK residents, we offer 12 months, interest-free finance through DivideBuy and Divido, with Divido also offering longer finance plans up to five years, with an interest rate of up to 12.9%.

PayPal Credit

Alternatively, should you have a PayPal account, and have been offered a PayPal Credit option on your account, you can use this to pay for your guitar and spread the cost interest free for a number of months.


In case you have been refused finance before, or do not live in the UK, we offer our Layaway payment plan, which enables you to pay the guitar off over a 12 month period with repayments that you are completely in control of. If you would like to pay more or less one month, you can do. Once the guitar is paid off in full, it’s then delivered to you free of charge.
For more information about our finance options on any guitar, please call us on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or email us here.

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