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Fresh in from G.R. Bear, Blind Guitars, Bashkin, Bunting, and more!

Christmas is coming early for us here at TNAG, with an incredible batch of brand new guitars from some of our favorite luthiers like Michael Bashkin, G.R. Bear, Bunting, B&G and Collings, plus two guitars from a new luthier to our roster, Blind Guitars of France.


The Exchange is chock full of fabulous pre-owned guitars from Fylde, Fredholm, Gibson, Kelday, and plenty more. Here are a few favorites!

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The small team at Fylde, headed up by Roger Bucknall, builds guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, and citterns by hand with traditional tools, at their workshop in Northern England. Their imaginatively named, beautifully appointed instruments can be seen in the hands of many beloved musicians in the folk world and beyond. The Falstaff is "the ultimate in acoustic guitar design", with traits that make it an appealing option for all types of players. This Custom model combines specs that we might not typically see on the same guitar. Engelmann spruce, the softest of the spruces commonly used on guitars, is favored by fingerstylists for its sweet responsiveness and quickness to mature. But paired here with a 1-11/16" nut width, larger 15-1/2" wide body and full scale length, the result is a tone and feel that is absolutely perfect for flatpickers and strummers who are looking for a slightly drier, warm, and balanced voice than they might get from a dreadnought. The set-up and voice support dropped tunings elegantly, as well.

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This gorgeous dreadnought combines a European spruce top and Brazilian rosewood back and sides, all under a delicate French polish finish to maximize the vibrational potential of these premium tonewoods. Its bright and powerful voice works predictably well for bluegrass flatpicking. But interestingly, it has a responsiveness that works beautifully for fingerstyle as well, becoming clear and bell-like. A clean yet unusual black and wood-toned herringbone purfling and rosette, and bright turquoise dots on the end pins add just the right touch.

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Gibson first launched their small-bodied, egg-shaped archtop L series guitars in the early 20th century. Those earliest models were egg-shaped archtops, but they quickly evolved into their flattop, square-bottomed look by 1930, the year this all mahogany model was made. As light, punchy and woody as you could hope from a vintage L-0, this one is in overall good condition, though with some repair history to note.

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Not just an artist and musician, Colorado-based luthier Michael Bashkin comes to lutherie with a background in the study of trees and the mechanics of wood. He honed his craft with Ervin Somogyi before launching his own workshop. He describes his JM model as a "mid-sized dynamic contemporary guitar". That it certainly is, from tone to aesthetics. With a 15.6" lower bout, he achieves the low end power and presence of a larger guitar while still keeping the clarity and balance of the OM shape. A distinctive cutaway is both visually appealing while offering the player easy access beyond the 14th fret.

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Whatever preconceptions you have about koa or the 00 design, check them at the door. Australian luthier G.R. Bear's Grand 00 is larger than a Martin 00, more comparable in size to a small classical guitar. Even knowing that won't prepare you for this guitar's sound, though! The lightest touch draws out an incredible response. Powerful, dynamic, with wild amounts of sustain and a bright, crystalline clarity in the high end, this is a truly unique soloist's instrument. Western red cedar and koa would be a compelling combination on any instrument, but it's G.R.'s unusual bracing approach that may explain much of this guitar's distinctive tone.

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The Willow is a short scale, single cutaway, semi-hollow electric guitar with some unique features that separate it from its ancestors. The body’s structure is designed to have great acoustic properties while still retaining the boldness and functionality of an electric. Bunting planes down the solid top and back to 3mm, thus allowing the Willow to vibrate much more than traditional laminated tops. The result is a guitar with an acoustic flavor and a crisp hollow sound, bigger than its body size. Play it unplugged and you immediately feel and hear the difference – it simply rings and sings!

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The sound and look of Virgile Pilon's guitars may be enticingly vintage-inspired, but peek inside and you'll see that the French luthier has an altogether modern approach to building. This Blind Guitars B-30 is his take on the popular, versatile OM model that emerged in the early 1930s. The contemporary combination of cocobolo and sinker red cedar with a parabolic top and double X-bracing is met with an understated yet impactful Art Deco-inspired aesthetic, which you'll note on the bridge, headstock, and in the color palette. The slinky short scale set-up makes for easy bends and hammer-ons and pull-offs (a heavy flatpick attack overdrives it). Its dark and nuanced voice is perfect for blues and folk fingerstyle and light strumming, making for an excellent vocal accompaniment instrument.


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