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Froggy Bottom D12 Deluxe just arrived - The Ultimate 12-fret Dreadnought?

The 12-fret dreadnought is a thunderous design and Froggy Bottom Guitars of Chelsea Vermont make arguably the one of the finest versions out there. Have a look at this stunning D12 Deluxe in Indian Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce!

Straight grained Indian Rosewood on the back and sides and Adirondack Spruce, it's a superb combination making this guitar which in the hands of the Froggy Bottom team makes for a dreadnought with a huge sound if you're into that, but also a surprising degree of subtlety and nuance for the fingerstyle player.

While they may look like something in the traditional Martin vein, each Froggy Bottom instrument is created in the same way as a fine classical guitar. There are no moulds used in the process, the guitar is made entirely by eye, face down on the bench. In addition, the soundboard of a Froggy Bottom guitar has a slight curve to it before it is glued to the rim. This gives the instrument an innate tension making it extremely responsive!

12-fret dreadnoughts have been used to great effect by guitarists such as Gene Autry, Bernard Butler and Isaac Guillory. If you've never tried one then you owe it to yourself to do so. You may be surprised at just how versatile they are.

This is a big bodied guitar with a huge potential dynamic range to explore. See it in action below!

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