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Froggy Bottom Model C Deluxe All Mahogany Arrives

It's been a good start to the year as far as Froggy Bottom C Deluxe models go, in addition to the wonderful Guatemalan Rosewood example we featured recently we now have this achingly lovely all-mahogany example.


There's something very special about an all-mahogany instrument. The understated appearance belies an extremely versatile instrument with a characteristic tone that just "works". The tone is woody and warm with a beautiful fundamental character to each note.


In this case we have Honduran mahogany, the beautiful natural grain accentuated by the darker pore filler. The back strip and rosette are made from hand-dived abalone.



A beautiful slotted headstock tops off this handsome instrument.


You can see this wonderful guitar in action below!

For more information on this beautiful C Deluxe or to book an appointment please do get in touch

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