G.R. Bear OM model in Padauk & Lutz Spruce - Build Thread

Here's the second of two builds which we are currently on the bench at G.R. Bear Guitars HQ. This is going to be an OM Model in Padauk & Lutz Spruce.
  • Model: OM
  • Frets to the body: 12

  • Cutaway: Yes
  • Back & Sides: Padauk - Pterocarpus soyauxii 
  • Top: Lutz Spruce - Picea x lutzii

  • Neck: Mahogany - Swietenia macrophylla

  • Fingerboard: Brigalow - Acacia harpophylla

  • Bridge: Padauk - Pterocarpus soyauxii

  • Rosette: Padauk - Pterocarpus soyauxii

  • Headstock Veneer: Brigalow - Acacia harpophylla

  • Binding: Rocklite Ebano

  • Purfling: Black dyed maple and Sycamore purfling

  • Top Bracing: Lutz Carbon Falcate bracing
Scale Length: 645mm

  • Nut Width: 46mm

  • String Spread: 57mm

  • Back, Sides and Neck Finish: UV cured Polyester
  • Top Finish: Royal-Lac
  • Tuners: Gotoh 510

  • Nut and Saddle: Bone

  • Frets: EVO Gold with Hemispherical fret ends 

"Im so excited for my first Padauk Build! I've chosen this wood exclusively for bridges on my instruments as it regularly exhibits qualities that make it ideal for this application. It has a high Q, low damping, moderate density great stiffness and it just RINGS when you tap it. These reasons are why its used for marimbas. All of these attributes make for excellent back and sides, It is going to be a cannon! This OM has an identical Lutz top to the 00 so its going to put nice sparkle in those trebles and with the resonance tuning I'll make sure the bass is ever so present but not overpowering. I've chosen a 12 fret neck join to place the bridge in the centre of the vibrating area of the top, for the ultimate balance and clarity across the fretboard. And adding a deep cutaway for access to the higher frets. This instrument will be a true Concert Steel String Guitar." - Rye Bear
Find out more about this incoming build by emailing us here or calling us on 207 835 5597.


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