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Gaffney Modified Dreadnought Earns Five Star Review!

Anyone who has read the June 2016 issue of Acoustic magazine will no doubt have seen the stunning review of the Gaffney Modified Dreadnought! Massive congratulations to Julian Gaffney, apprentice to Ervin Somogyi, for creating an instrument awarded five stars across the board in Julian's first UK press review!

Delving into the review, Steve Bennett acknowledges Julian's pedigree and the talent required to serve under the watchful eye of Ervin Somogyi, and reviews the Modified Dreadnought starting with the choice of tone woods:

"This Modified Dreadnought, naturally enough, bears the classic hallmarks of the Somogyi design aesthetic. But Gaffney's looking to evolve and develop both the look and sound under the banner of this own personality and vision."

"...he's gone with back and sides in a striking, spectacular-grained Cocobolo that creates the visual illusion of deep striations, from Stygian black to an almost back-lit, crystalline amber."

"The bearclaw Sitka spruce top, meanwhile, appears to shimmer and shift like a distant breeze-blown cornfield."

Moving onto the sound of the Modified Dreadnought, Bennett writes:

"...a sustain that simply refuses to lie down and disappear. With strummed chords, it doesn't just bark, it almost sits up and begs. The vault of Cologne cathedral probably has similar headroom."

Concluding his review, Stephen reflects on Gaffney's achievement:

"A truly remarkable instrument that takes all the best from its various influences and moves them onto the next level."

"Flawless build standards, incredible tone, bomb-proof case."

The Gaffney Modified Dreadnought in Cocobolo and Sitka Spruce is available now exclusively at The North American Guitar. To find out more about Gaffney guitars, get in touch.

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