Getting To Know Maybach Guitars

We've had a fantastic experience over the past couple of months getting to know Maybach Guitars on a closer, more personal level, which has happened through many avenues that have only driven our appreciation and love for these fantastic instruments further.

From filming demonstration videos and in-depth descriptive pieces, through to putting them in the hands of our wonderful clientele here at our London Showroom, the general consensus has been that these excellent instruments really do live up to their reputation, bringing superb hand-made quality at a truly exceptional price point.

It's been a real pleasure being so involved with these instruments during their time in our Showroom, and the varied cross-section of Maybach Guitars we've had in stock has provided a real insight into the passion and commitment they put into everything that leaves their workshop.

Here's some of the highlights showcasing our current array of these magnificent guitars;

Maybach Stradovari S61 Electric Guitar, 3-Tone Sunburst Aged - £1,699

I thoroughly enjoyed putting together some clips for this magnificent instrument, in part due to the fact that I've always felt very at home on an S-type guitar, particularly when it leans in the direction of vintage specifications and a broken in feel.

The Maybach Stradovari felt like exactly that! With all the spank and chime you'd hope for and an extremely comfortable neck profile, it really leant itself to Soul and Blues styles with ease and was a real joy to play.

What particularly had me warming to this instrument was the subtle ageing all the way across its finish, especially on the back of the neck which helped lose some of the stickiness you often run into with a lacquered neck, making for very smooth playability and less strain on the fretting hand.

Maybach Lester 59 Models:

Honey Pie Aged - £1,799

Custom Shop Wild Saffron Aged - £3,895

The Lester 59 has earned its place as one of the best traditional style single cuts in its price range, and it really is an instrument to be reckoned with, with the core line Honey Pie version as an absolutely fantastic introduction to Maybach, and the Custom Shop Wild Saffron model providing a inspiring insight into the very best of what Maybach have to offer.

Providing classic rock'n'roll tones with all the heft and attitude you could want for and chimey, lively cleans to boot, it was a fantastic journey to run our handful of Lester 59s through a number of tones and styles, as well as providing a more detailed look into what makes these instruments so versatile and appealing.

Maybach Lester 58 Electric Guitar, Havanna Tobacco Aged - £1,799

The Lester 58 gives another side to Maybachs take on the legendary '50s singlecut electric guitar, with a huge warm tone, mellow output and tremendous playability it's a very versatile guitar indeed.

A real draw for me in this guitar is the beefy '58 neck profile, which gives this guitar an astounding, ringing sustain which works great for saturated lead tones but also makes it and absolute treat to fingerpick wide, open chords on.

Maybach Teleman T54 Electric Guitar, Miami Green Aged - £1,495

This particular instrument was my very first real encounter with a Maybach guitar outside of mere observation at trade shows, and I have to say it certainly set the bar high in regards of my expectations pending the arrival of more instruments from Maybach.

The 50s style neck profile instantly drew me in, and this stellar vintage feel carried on going through the rest of the instrument as I realised spending more time with it. The Amber Twangtone pickups really nail the nuances of early 50s T-styles and the Sugar Pine body adds a little extra vintage flavour and feel.

In this clip, we take a deep dive into the specs of this fantastic instrument, with some absolutely killer playing clips from the magnificent Ben Smith.

Lastly, and in part due to the sheer amount of fun it was to film, I thought it'd be worth dropping in the shootout we had between a Lester 59, with all the same specs as those available on our site (aside from the finish), and Gibson's Custom Shop equivalent to see how it held up.

We've all had a fantastic time here at The North American Guitar getting familiar with these superb instruments, with each proving itself as a versatile and exceptionally well made as the last.

However, the most exciting part of the journey is yet to come. And that's watching these stunning guitars find their way into the hands of a player who's going to delve into the wellspring of inspiration they have to offer.

For more information on Maybach Guitars, don't hesitate to get in touch by phone on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or by email here.


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