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Going Electric: B&G Little Sister Crossroads

In this latest episode of ‘Going Electric’, we took a closer look at B&G Guitars' Little Sister Crossroads line, with a particular emphasis on their two standard pickup options, the P90 set and the Humbucker set.

Joining me on the sofa this week was good friend and UK session legend Tim Steer, who brought his wealth of experience and inspiring playing to the showroom as we dug into the nuances of these fantastic instruments.

The B&G Crossroads line is one of our best selling lineups here at The North American Guitar, and though we’ve done AB comparisons between their two stock pickups, this was our first experience hearing the two simultaneously and as per usual with these marvellous guitars, we we’re very impressed indeed.

The Humbuckers offered thick and inspiring classic rock tones with the amp cranked up but what was notably inspiring for me was the clarity and depth of the clean tones with these pickups, with a well rounded delivery and character to each note that felt wonderful under the fingers.

The P90s of course offered all the chime and punch you’d expect, and continued to amaze us with their versatility and charm. The clean tones were present and smooth, with an inspired rawness to the driven tone they conjure up so effortlessly, covering everything from smooth R&B and soul though to screaming rock tones.

Check out our current stock of B&G Little Sister Crossroads models here. For more information on B&G Guitars, do get in touch.

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