Grace Design Acoustic Instrument Pre-Amps - Audiophile sound quality on stage!

Have you had your acoustic guitar sound butchered by bad P.A systems, difficult rooms or enthusiastic but unskilled sound engineers? Has your exquisite luthier built instrument suffered the indignities of being reduced to a single under saddle piezo signal straight into a mixing desk? If so you need to check out Grace Design and their amazing range of acoustic instrument pre-amps!

Sound Quality

Here at TNAG we take our responsibility to bring you the very best products possible extremely seriously and we're always on the lookout for what's really making waves out there. Recently I've been hearing nothing but good things about how Grace Design pre-amps have been holding up on the road for artists such as Adam Miller and Andy Mckee!

Listen to what Andy himself has to say about his Grace Felix pre-amps right here! (Fast forward to 13:20 if you want to skip the rest of the interview, but why would you?!)

Grace Design have long been associated with extremely high quality studio equipment like the M108-4 below. Frankly the thought of having access on stage to that kind of sound quality is pretty intoxicating!


We're delighted to announce that we are now stocking the full range of these incredible acoustic instrument pre-amps right here at TNAG HQ! Check out the full range in this video!

The Felix (the largest and most powerful unit in the range) is a twin channel beast with a huge amount of control at hand. Seriously, the functionality that Grace Design have crammed into this unit is actually quite intimidating at first but, (and this to my mind is the most important aspect of amplifying any instrument) it is actually very quick to find an incredibly good sound!


If you don't need a dual channel pre then the Alix is for you. Essentially half a Felix, this beautiful pedal has the same channel functionality as its big brother.


Finally we come to the Bix, a simplified control layout means that you have a smaller pedal but with absolutely no compromise in sound quality!


So if you've been looking for a compact and reliable gigging preamplifier with superb sound quality and the power to handle anything you throw at it then you should seriously consider the Grace Design range. For more information on these fantastic pre-amps or to book an appointment at out London showroom please do get in touch!


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