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Greenfield G1.2 Custom African Blackwood / Moon Spruce

Michael Greenfield's G1 design is a modern classic, a beautiful merging of OM and SJ. This week a sublime custom G1.2 in African Blackwood and Moon-harvested Swiss Spruce arrived at TNAG HQ. The .2 in the name designates a fan fret guitar. In this case it's Michael Greenfield's proprietary DADGAD fan geometry which first appeared on Tony McManus' G1.2. This fan fret design is extremely comfortable and works beautifully in tunings from standard down to C, but absolutely excels in DADGAD.

The Moon Spruce soundboard of this instrument is absolutely stunning with rich cross-silking which goes beautifully with the jet black African Blackwood of the back and sides. 

African Blackwood is a rare and extremely desirable tone wood which gives a focus to the upper partial harmonics and a real sense of depth to the low mids and bass registers. This coupled with the super fast response of a Greenfield guitar make for an extremely musical and inspiring instrument. 

This instrument also features a Florentine cutaway and a Laskin-style arm bevel which makes it extremely comfortable while affording the player unencumbered access to the whole of the fingerboard. 

This is an example of the very best of modern acoustic guitar lutherie, a frankly exhilarating playing experience that reminds you why you picked up a guitar in the first place!

This guitar was a real pleasure to record and you can hear it in action below. 

For more information about Greenfield instruments or to discuss a bespoke build please do get in touch at

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