Grit Laskin 50th Anniversary Special

This is an incredibly exciting build, as this is a special build to commemorate Grit Laskin's 50 years of guitar building. This is going to be a Laskin Mid-Size body featuring a sensational set of old-growth Brazilian Rosewood for the back & sides, paired with a Sitka Spruce top. Featuring a Florentine Cutaway, Mahogany neck and Ebony Fretboard and Bridge.Grit Laskin is known for his phenomenal inlay art, and we will be seeing this in this instrument. The inlay theme is celebrating his 50th year of lutherie, with some key aspects of Grit’s work and influences, exploring a known musician (who is based in England!) that had an immense influence on Grit from a young age, mixed in with some self-referential aspects of Grit’s actual inlay processes, and yes he will make an appearance in the design.“Ben and I were discussing the build for 2021 and Ben remarked that this marks the 50th year milestone for me.  He was right, so then and there he proposed the idea of making this guitar a suitable platform for celebrating half a century in luthiery. Then, much to my delight, Ben also insisted that I take this opportunity to build whatever kind of guitar I wished, including for the inlay theme.   In short, I was given carte blanche--what a wonderful gift!  So that’s what I’m doing, finding ways to make this guitar particularly special.”Grit Laskin

"As I mentioned to Ben, I have depicted many well known musicians in inlay, a number of which have not been seen by the public—have been completed post the latest book.Anyway, responding to Ben’s suggestion of depicting some influences, I acknowledged that the British Folk Revival was one of the strongest influences on my music. And to this day I still play with the same band I’ve been in since age 18, and we are focused on British Trad music—and related new songs/tunes in the idiom. And the British Folk revival (which continues to this day!) was sparked by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger (they were married). As you know, Peggy is Pete’s sister. Over and above that pedigree, and her influence, she also has become a friend to my wife and me over the past decade or two.


IMPORTANT: I have informed Peggy that I will be including her portrait in this story and she is 100% on board, actually told me she was honoured (but that’s how I feel!). So, all is well in terms of you being public about this.So, starting at the headstock we see it’s dominated by a lovely portrait of Peggy with her banjo. Above and behind her is Ewan, who will be ‘grey-scaled’ by blending him slightly into the clear turquoise blue sky around him. You will note that her lowest hand is not quite in position.Moving into the fretboard we see a large version of my hand bringing the missing hand to where it needs to go.Behind the hand is a reproduction of a humorous sign on my workshop door.Then, the rest of the fretboard depicts my main workroom in the shop and you see me at the bench cutting inlay.This latter section was the nightmare of cutting, to reproduce all the bits of my workshop—things on the wall, on the benches, tools being used, etc. I really wanted it to resemble my reality.So, in the end, this inlay is about me—where I work, how I work, seen in the act of working—and Peggy, finally honouring a brilliant artist (still writing and performing at age 84!) and a dear friend."- Grit Laskin


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