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You may have noticed that we've been slowly building up our selection of amps here at The North American Guitar, from the acoustic amp stalwarts AER to our newest addition, legendary British amp builder Denis Cornell.

Whether you are looking to amplify your acoustic guitar or for your next hand wired valve amp, we're building a selection that we strongly recommend checking out.

Acoustic Amps:

Cornell Acoustic Valve Acoustic Guitar Amp - £1,395

The Cornell Acoustic Amp is Denis Cornell's handwired all-valve acoustic guitar amp.

Featuring a single channel and a 50 watt output, the Cornell Acoustic amplifier is designed to do just that - amplify the natural sound of your acoustic guitar.

AER Alpha Plus - £799

The AER Alpha Plus is the single-channel version of the hugely popular Compact 60. Wonderfully light, and portable thanks to its padded shoulder bag, the Alpha Plus is an acoustic amp used the world over.

Henriksen Bud & The Blu - From £899

We were blown away by Henriksen's Bud amp at the 2017 NAMM show, and it was our biggest selling amp of the year. Now, Henriksen has added The Blu to the lineup, a single-channel version in the same robust chassis but at just 12lb in weight. Coupled with the accompanying gig bag, both the Bud and Bud Blu are hugely portable amps for acoustic and electric instruments as well as vocals.

Electric Guitar Amps:

Cornell Romany 12 - £1,195

We recently announced the addition of legendary British amp builder Denis Cornell to our accessories section, and in our first part of a focus on Denis's amps, we take a look at the Romany 12.
This USA inspired tweed amp is a single channel affair with four power output options to switch the output from 15 watts down to as little as a quarter of a watt.
That means that you don't have to push the amp to ear-bleeding volumes before it breaks up, and even get the perfect valve tone at bedroom levels.

Cornell Plexi 7 - £875

The Cornell Plexi 7 combo is a superb valve guitar amp for the home, studio and small venues.

This amp comes fitted with a 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, and is perfect for recreating 1960s Plexi rock tones. The weight and size of this amp make it ideal for the travelling guitarist, yet it still packs a lot of a volume and tonal variety.
Victoria Two-Stroke - £1,795

The Victoria Two Stroke is a single-ended Class A valve amp with an output of 4 to 10 watts.

This amp, in kit form, is the one recommended to readers of Dave Hunter's popular book The Guitar Amp Handbook who would like to build the Two Stroke project in the back of his book and would rather buy all of the parts from a single source.

Victoria Electro-King - £2,795

The Victoria Electro King is an idealised recreation of the classic McCarty era GA-40. Its circa 1957 circuit features two cathode biased 6V6s for 15-watts of recording and small club power.

The heart and soul of the Electro King is its 5879 preamp circuit; a single NOS 5879 input pentode for each of the normal and tremolo channels provides rich distortion and natural tube compression at any volume setting. Notes seem to be 'blown' out of the amp with overdriven tones that are saturated, dynamic and musical.

For more information on any of our amps, please get in contact by calling +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or emailing us.


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