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Guitar and Bass Magazine - Bourgeois Guitars feature!

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Guitar and Bass magazine editor Chris Vinnicombe to our London showroom to check out the amazing Presentation LDBO by Bourgeois Guitars out in Lewiston Maine.


Just look at that... Century or Progress meets Style 42 in one of the most beautiful sounding instruments we have had here. It's a unique masterpiece!


Bourgeois made 10 of this series but ours is the only one to feature this spectacular Ziricote on the back and sides!


The soundboard is made from Aged Tone Adirondack spruce. Torrified to perfection with a warm and woody, vintage response that you can lose yourself in. This is such a beautiful guitar to play.


And here it is in action! Thanks to all at Guitar and Bass magazine for permission to use the footage. You guys rock!

While we're on the subject of Bourgeois guitars, we do have some absolute beauties in stock, including a personal favourite of mine, the DBJC in Redwood and Indian Rosewood. There's a real Olson SJ meets SCGC F model vibe with this guitar. It's a great fingerstyle instrument!


Check it out below!

This beautiful D Custom features Madagascar Rosewood on the back and sides with an Aged tone Adirondack Spruce soundboard. One of the best flat-picking guitars to have come through these doors.


Check it out in action!

How about a slope shoulder? The Bourgeois Advanced Slope D is one of the best slope shoulder dreads out there with a huge, rich sound that works beautifully for solo instrumental and singer/songwriter playing alike.


Click below to hear it in action!

Finally here's a Vintage OM with a difference! Indian Rosewood on the back and sides but a European Spruce soundboard as opposed to Adirondack. Still loads of headroom but with a sweetness and warmth that really works with the OM design.


Check out the demo video for more!

For more information about these wonderful guitars or to book an appointment to see them in person at our London showroom please do get in touch

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