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Guitar World Features Rick Turner Model 1 With Lindsey Buckingham

A huge congratulations to our dear friend and Godfather of the luthier world, Rick Turner for his Model 1 featured on the cover of the latest issue of Guitar World magazine.

Rick Turner

The guitar is being held by Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, who was part of the conception of the Model 1 back in 1978, and has been an ambassador and player of Rick Turner's guitars ever since.

In a previous interview with Guitar World, Lindsey explained how he met Rick and the birth of the Model 1:

"Before we joined Fleetwood Mac, I was been playing a Stratocaster as an electric guitar, and it was well-suited to my finger style. When we joined the band, they had a pre-existing sound that was rather fat. And it needed a fatter-sounding guitar. I started using a Les Paul, which was not particularly well-suited to the orchestral style of playing that I had."

"So at some point, after I had met Rick Turner, I asked him if he could design me something that had a fatter sound, something between a Les Paul and a Stratocaster, but that had the percussive elements that would respond well to my style. And that’s what he came up, and of course I have been using that model guitar for years and years now."

We also interviewed Rick at last year's Santa Barbara Guitar Show about the origins of his flagship model:

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