Here's what you missed

Here's what you missed at TNAG this week...

In addition to featuring some wonderful instruments, this week we welcomed Joel Bauman to the TNAG team as our new Head of Electrics!


Our Presents videos featured instruments with some great nicknames and backstories from Ryan Gerber and Collings, while our Pick of the Week spotlighted a just-flashy-enough acoustic guitar from Finland-based Versoul.

Meet the Team: Joel Bauman

First up in our Meet the Team series is our latest addition, Mr. Joel Bauman! Joel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him from Chicago, where he worked in the guitar industry for years. Though he may be especially passionate about vintage Gibsons, his energy and enthusiasm for all things electric guitar goes way beyond, encompassing everything from the big names to lesser known boutique builders. We're excited to have him on the TNAG team, and he's looking forward to helping you find your dream electric!

Presents: Episode 45. Collings MF5 V "Tangerine Burst"

Fans of Collings Guitars mandolins likely have a pretty good idea of what any given MF5 is going to sound and look like, thanks to the team's peerless consistency and reliability. But when it's time to try something new and different, Collings is as up to the task as any. With an Italian spruce top for added complexity, varnish finish for stronger overtone presence, and a Monteleone-inspired burst, this is a versatile mandolin that's especially well-suited to jazz.

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Presents: Episode 46. Gerber RL16 "Fallen Giant"

Ryan Gerber's large-bodied RL16 is a powerhouse guitar in any configuration, but the special use of "Fallen Giant" Honduran mahogany gives this guitar a nuanced, rich voice all its own. Lindsay explores the wide-ranging possibilities of this beautiful pre-owned guitar in Episode 46 of our Presents series.

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Pick of the Week: Versoul Buxom 6

Versoul luthier Kari Nieminen builds guitars inspired and played by rock and roll heroes. The Buxom 6 is a woody voiced 12-fret jumbo that has the perfect voice for big strumming and punchy fingerpicking, which is why it's our Pick of the Week.

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