Gallery Weekly Roundup

Here's what you missed in TNAG Gallery this week

We've been busy with pick of the day videos across TNAG Gallery guitars this week. If you missed any, fear not, we're going to round them all up here. We have a bit of an electric theme this week which includes goodies from Nik Huber, Kauer, and Collings!

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Affectionately named after Route 290, which makes its way past the Collings shop out in the Texas Hill Country, the Collings 290 is a modern tribute to the timeless Rock ’n Roll guitars of yesteryear.

With a full Mahogany construction and an Ebony fretboard, this 290 is constructed with the finest tonewoods. Each piece is acclimated and then hand-selected for density and acoustic response, creating an instrument that is extremely resonant and dynamic.

This naturally occurring resonance matched with its pair of Lollar Goldfoil pickups and 50’s wiring gives this 290 a full-bodied, expressive clean tone, with plenty of clarity and chime, while having the ability to push an amp that is on the edge of breakup with a distinct growling overdrive. For those looking for a reliable, modern instrument that harbors the spirit of the renowned vintage instruments that paved the way for Rock ’n Roll, the Collings 290 is a perfect choice.

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An ode to the winged classic that helped pave the way for Rock ’n Roll, this Kauer Banshee has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. Sporting a pair of TV Jones Powertron pickups, this Banshee seamlessly melds classic PAF tones with the Rockabilly twang of a late 50’s Filter’Tron.

These full bodied pickups have a clear top end that has a generous bark when one digs in, and low end that is chunky without being muddy or undefined. These pickups paired with the Banshee’s Cocked Wah, Coil-Split, and Phase Reverse switches give this guitar a tonal palette that is nearly limitless. With its Lake Placid Blue finish and Silver Sparkle binding throughout, this Kauer Banshee is sure to turn heads, and is perfect for those looking for a modern take on a vintage classic.

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Simple, yet raucous and wild, the Nik Huber Krautster II encompasses the sound and sheer power of raw music. The Krautster bridge humbucker screams Rock ’n Roll, with complex and rich overtones that are touch sensitive. Hidden in the tone knob is a push/pull pot that taps the bridge pickup, achieving the classic, biting single-coil bridge tones of yesteryear.

Switching to the neck pickup, a player is rewarded with sweet, singing, vocal like blues tones courtesy of Huber’s “1956” P90. Its flat top Mahogany body and mesmerizing flamed Maple neck, paired with its aluminum stoptail wraparound bridge, create an instrument that has natural acoustic qualities and is extremely resonant. When plugged in, these qualities translate to singing sustain and an organic feeling, dynamic response. Matched with its Ebony fretboard, 10”-14” compound radius neck, and custom Worn Ice Blue finish, this Nik Huber Krautster II is a Swiss army knife of Rock ’n Roll.


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