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Previewing the 2018 Holy Grail Guitar Show

This weekend, we'll be heading over to Berlin for this year's Holy Grail Guitar Show - Europe's number one event dedicated to the art of modern day boutique guitar lutherie.

We have a record 11 luthiers exhibiting at this year's show, and we'll be there to report on the extensive collection of beautiful handmade instruments on display, including a number which will be heading our way shortly too.

To preview the Holy Grail Guitar Show, let's take a look at some of our stock of the exhibitors' guitars in action, plus some interviews from previous guitar shows.

Leonardo Buendia

Leonardo Buendia Modified Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, 'The Tree' Mahogany & Master Grade Plus Adirondack Spruce - £26,950.00


Deimel Guitarworks Firestar Custom Electric Guitar, Saturn Lavender - £3,650


Greenfield G1 DADGAD Cutaway Alpine Swiss Spruce & Cocobolo Greenfield - £22,550.00


Kostal 00 Acoustic Guitar, Madagascan Rosewood & German Spruce - Pre-Owned - £12,950.00

Lame Horse

Click here to find out more about Lame Horse Guitars!


Spalt R1601 'Babe's Fun House' Electric Guitar - £10,950.00


TLL Guitars Deckard Electric Guitar, Piano Black - £3,250.00

TV Jones

TV Jones Spectra Sonic Standard Electric Guitar, Matte Black - £1,850.00


Teuffel Antonio Electric Guitar - Dark Brown Finish - £7,250.00

Jang Guitars

Click here to find out more about Jang Guitars

Keep yours eyes peeled for our coverage of the show and we hope to see some of you there!

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