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Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 Review: Part 2

Following on from the first part of our Holy Grail Guitar Show blog, strap in and feast your eyes on some glorious electric guitars in our second part below:

Spalt Instruments

Michael Spalt has been a part of our roster here at The North American Guitar for a number of years, and he and his wife Tania are the main organisers of the Holy Grail Guitar Show. We managed to steal a few minutes with Michael to find out about the guitars he was exhibiting at the show:

Click here to view our current range of Spalt Instruments

TLL Guitars

It was a pleasure to spend some time with Tobias Lund Lindberg aka TLL Guitars, whose Deckard models are new arrivals in our showroom. TLL brought a selection of his solid, semi-hollow and arch top models to the show:

Click here to view our current range of TLL Guitars

TV Jones

As some of you may already know, legend of the pickup world, TV Jones, is an exceptional luthier. His Spectra Sonic models are in our showroom right now, and Tom brought some new custom shop models that he built especially for the show:

Click here to view our current range of TV Jones Guitars


Ulrich Teuffel is an incredible luthier whose guitars appear slightly unconventional at first glance, but understand the details and thought process behind each one, and you quickly realise that there is method to his madness.

View our in stock Teuffel Antonio model here

The Holy Grail Guitar Show was an incredible experience, with so much love and support between luthiers in the community that the show and the EGB have created. It makes for such a vibrant, positive atmosphere like no other show I have experienced. It makes us so proud to be able to represent the talents of our luthiers in the UK, Europe and beyond.

For more information on any of our luthiers, please do get in touch.

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