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The Magic Of Mahogany

Let's talk about mahogany!
There are so many reasons why we love this tonewood. Aesthetically, it has a gorgeous reddish-orange colour and an even, straight grain pattern. Sonically, you can expect a warm tone with emphasis on the midrange and bass, that only get's better with age. Structurally, it's a hard and dense wood, trusty and stable. Not to mention its rich, exotic scent. There's something really special about mahogany, and nothing quite like an all mahogany guitar...
A favourite among many, we're taking a look at some of the gorgeous mahogany guitars we currently have in the showroom.

Kostal Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic Guitar, Honduran Mahogany and German Spruce- $22,500

Iris CH Acoustic Guitar, All Honduran Mahogany- $2,150.00

Collings C10A SB SS Acoustic Guitar, Honduran Mahogany & Adirondack Spruce

McNally P10 Acoustic Guitar, All Mahogany- $3,599.00

Santa Cruz Custom D Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany & Adirondack Spruce- $7,625.00


Collings 000-1 Cutaway Acoustic Guitar, Honduran Mahogany & Sitka Spruce- $5,975.00

To find out more about any of these instruments, please don't hesitate to reach out by calling our US team on (+1) 615-383-8947 or our UK team by calling +44 (0) 207 835 5597, alternatively you can email us here.

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