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A more stellar collection of guitars from the legendary Canadian luthier Mario Beauregard couldn't possibly be imagined than this one we have now!

In honor of that, we thought now was the perfect time to look back on the friendly chat we had with him earlier this year.

As you listen, check out his acoustic flattops we have in the shop now, as well as the guitars coming in later this year.

Though slightly smaller than a standard jumbo, Mario's SJ design still brings the kind of bass richness that you'd expect from a jumbo, but it never overpowers. By combining Brazilian rosewood and Lutz spruce, he gets a voice that is sweet and sustaining, with just the right chime in the treble to balance out the clear midrange and solid bass.

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When it comes to Mario Beauregard's take on the OM, you get a familiar classic with a completely elevated tone, playing experience, and of course, sublime aesthetics. The perfect foil to the more fingerstyle-centric redwood and BRW we also have at time of listing, this European spruce topped OMC offers a warmer tone that handles a sturdier pick attack with no harshness.

On sale now.

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Modeled after modern fingerstylist Antoine Dufour's redwood and Brazilian rosewood guitar, this OM is scaled down ever so slightly by 1/4". The top was specially selected by Mario's mentor, Ervin Somogyi, then matched with some Brazilian rosewood that is at once straight-grained and stunningly colored.

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Mario used an unusual hybrid cedar for the soundboard, which he described as having a stiffness comparable to spruce, giving this guitar an unusual combination of cedar's warmth with spruce-like articulation. Stunning in its orange hue, South American pernambuco can be hard to come by in sets large enough for a guitar.

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Incoming later this year...

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And Bespoke slots available...

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