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In Stock: Deimel Guitarworks

"Design + innovation, quality + playability are the principles of our craft. Each guitar is hand crafted in our workshop close to Berlin, Germany."

Frank Deimel and his team over in Berlin are crafting some of the most exciting modern electrics around, from their inventive updates on classics, to their electronics, to their just killer finishes and looks. Right now we've got three in, covering three out of their four core offerings: a Singlestar, a Doublestar, and a Firestar. Read on to learn more and listen to each model, demoed here by CVG's fabulous Seth Plemmons...

It's always hard picking favorites around here, but TNAG's Logistics Manager Jason can't help but comment on this offset Firestart anytime it's out. The aging on the finish takes on a whole look of its own. Deimel says of the model:

"The Deimel Firestar has been built as a new classic tool for creative and modern guitar music. A lot of people nowadays like the so-called »offset waist guitars« for their beautiful and ergonomic shape. As there are only a few well known designs Frank has developed his own offset waist body shape, called the Firestar."

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Classic but totally new, we love the Singlestar as well! That clear pickguard takes on a bottle green hue in the right light, adding such a cool touch. Deimel says:

"The Deimel Singlestar is the successful variation of the Deimel Doublestar: the left cutaway is closed. Soundwise this results in a stiffer bass response and even more sustain on all strings. The body design is available as a flat version with shapes, or as a carved top version. The body design is available as a flat version with shapes, or as a carved top version."

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A simple, straight-ahead rocker through and through, the Doublestar RawTone comes in a wide array of single and double pickup configurations and finish colors, but this one is a clean natural finish all korina body and neck plus P90 and HB-90 pickups. Frank Deimel says this about the design:

"A classic »vintage-like« feel and the the essence of two iconic guitar designs were the main originators for the creation of this all new Deimel Doublestar. The most favourite features have been taken to create a new but still »well known« feel of an electric guitar. Frank‘s love for vintage designs and his ability to built custom guitars have led him to develop this unique interpretation of »best of both worlds«."

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