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In Stock: Rick Turner Model 1s

"In a word, the Model 1 is all about versatility. Whether you’re playing the passive model running straight out with volume and tone control (push-pull coil cut) or the high-headroom 18-volt D-TAR Eclipse preamp with Turner Parametric EQ, both options allow for blending of a piezo or second magnetic pickup."

Today we're showcasing our recent batch of Rick Turner Model 1s! Easy to recognize due to their long association with Lindsey Buckingham, the M1s are lightweight, acoustically resonant, and incredibly versatile. Whether you're picking up the stripped down passive "A" model or going for one of the "CP" Standards or Deluxes, they present a wide range of tonal options and work in many genres (though it may be a requirement that "Rhiannon" be played at least once on every M1!).

Every Model 1 starts with a solid mahogany body, the in-house made "Hot Humbucker", and typically an ipe fingerboard unless noted otherwise. From there, appointments vary based on their classifications of Special, Standard or Deluxe.

Special: M1 Specials typically have a satin finish, solid mahogany neck, and no binding.

Standard: M1 Standards sport a gloss finish, solid rock maple neck, and black or white top binding.

Deluxe: M1 Deluxes also have a gloss finish, as well as a laminate maple and purpleheart neck, full binding in black, white or tortoise, and are available in the widest array of finish options.

Our current batch offers up the most diverse finish options we've ever had at once, from beautiful figured redwood, koa, and maple, to a funky tortoise.

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In denoting the electronic set-ups, RT uses a lettering system.

A models are the most basic, being passive models that run straight out with a volume and tone control with a push-pull coil cut switch on the tone control.

B models use the same pickup but with a high-headroom 18 volt preamp (the D-TAR Eclipse) that has trim potentiometer adjustable gain which allows anywhere from 3 to 12 dB of additional gain and a buffered output.

CP models allow for blending of a piezo pickup.

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