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Incoming 'available' Greenfield Guitars...

Incoming 'available' Greenfield Guitars...

It is a very rare occasion I get to start a blog with that sentence seeing as the Masterful Mr Greenfield has a build queue booked up until 2022! However it is true, very true indeed!! As circumstances will have it The North American Guitar have managed to grab two absolutely stunning instruments from the man himself. Here is a little more on what we have coming in...

Greenfield G3 - African Blackwood / Moon Spruce Guitar:

£27,750.00 inc VAT
£23,125.00 ex VAT

With out a doubt one of the most desirable musical instruments in the world, the Greenfield G3 is built for the contemporary fingerstyle / classical cross over player looking for a wide dynamic range with stunning clarity, sustain and projection. The classical inspired body shape makes it a more versatile instrument and lends itself better to a wider variety of musical styles than traditional parlor guitars would do. It is light, beautifully comfortable and delivers a voice like no other.

With its smaller body, this concert size guitar is a little larger than the old pre-war 00 size parlour guitars. Played by a host of phenomenal players around the world including fingerstyle aficionado Pipo Romero.

Built in a Master Grade set of African Blackwood and Moon Harvested Swiss Moon Spruce this Greenfield G3 is going to be truly sensational with beautiful clear highs, yet a surprisingly present bass response for such a small-bodied instrument. 

  • 25.0”” – 660mm (225.98””)) scale fanned frets
  • Greenfield Palm - Away TM
  • Moon harvested Alpine spruce soundboard (as clean as possible))
  • African Blackwood back
  • African Blackwood sides, laminated
  • Radially braced back plate with proprietary Greenfield Tone HaloTM
  • Laskin inspired arm rest
  • Ebony body bindings
  • Fine violin line body purflings
  • Greenfield, proprietary spalted Beech and blue paua rosette
  • Compound 16”” – 20”” radius, quarter - sawn ebony fingerboard
  • 1 13/16 ” nut width
  • 2 1/4” string spacing at bridge..
  • Honduran Mahogany, carbon graphite reinforced neck, truss rod equipped, elevated fretboard with negative neck angle
  • “Classic” neck profile
  • Hand carved heel “swoosh””
  • Ebony peg head overlay, with “g” logo
  • Sterling silver Rodgers tuners with engraved “ g ” and black horn buttons
  • Main Stage Case.


Greenfield GF Figured Mahogany / Alpine Moon Spruce

£11,950.00 inc VAT
£9,958.33 ex VAT

This Greenfield GF in highly figured Mahogany and Moon Spruce is one of our favourite combinations for the Greenfield GF model. An incredibly responsive and articulate guitar, with clean and clear trebles, and a warmth and depth that can only come from such a high-grade set of mahogany such as this. 

This guitar will arrive here at The North American Guitar March 2020.

  • Figured Mahogany back and sides
  • Alpine Moon Spruce Soundboard
  • Honduran Mahogany neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Non-Cutaway
  • Ebony body bindings
  • 1.75" nut width
  • 2.25" string spacing at the saddle
  • Gold Gotoh 510 tuners
  • Main Stage flight case


Greenfield Bespoke Build Slot for 2020 (35% Deposit)

£3,587.50 inc VAT
£2,989.58 ex VAT

This is the last available 2020 build slot with Michael Greenfield for 2020 and can be secured today with a 35% deposit of £3,587.50.

Mr Greenfield ...

Michael is without a doubt one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever had the honour of meeting, and his vision for crafting extraordinary musical instruments and squeezing every last drop of tone out of a set of wood is something that blows my mind every time I play one of his guitars. Whether you are a strummer, a singer-songwriter, a bluegrass player, a blues player or a fingerstyle aficionado, Greenfield Guitars will take your music to the next dimension!     

Michael's continuous search for the tonal magnificence is a never-ending process, and he still spends hours researching the history, mechanics, dynamics and physics of the guitar in order to cultivate a deeper understanding of what makes it work and how he can continue to advance his instruments

“I handcraft bespoke guitars for those who wish to experience the exhilaration of playing a truly responsive instrument fashioned to the highest standard. Each commission begins with a personal consultation. The resultant choice of model, specifications, materials and options combine to make your Greenfield Guitar a truly one-of-a-kind instrument – tailor-made, exclusively for you. My goal is to address your musical requirements and/or enhance your collection…” Michael Greenfield

    So for more information on securing your custom Greenfield Guitar or one of the wonderful Greenfield Guitars currently in our London showroom, please call us on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or email us on

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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