Incoming C1 Signature from Casimi Guitars - Check out the Ziricote!

Every so often something hits our inbox that stops us in our tracks... In this case it was these pics from Matthias Roux and Matthew Rice of Casimi Guitars in Cape Town South Africa!

Just look at that... it's mesmerising... Let's get closer...

Aside from looking superb Ziricote is a wonderful tone wood and when twinned with Adirondack Spruce it's absolutely sublime. 

Don't forget we also have a C2 standard in Wengé and German Spruce on the way, here's the back and sides set for that guitar!

And finally, here's a completed C2 Signature in African Blackwood on its way to us right now!

Watch out for updates on these guitars on our Incoming Guitars page and contact us at for more information!

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