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Incoming C2 Standard from Casimi Guitars!

We have just had an extremely exciting update from Casimi Guitars in Cape Town South Africa!

Work will soon begin on the first of a brace of exquisite instruments which will be coming to London in the next few months. 

This beautiful set of Wengé will become a C2 standard model topped off with an German Spruce soundboard! 

The neck can still be carved to your specs so get in touch to claim this guitar!

While we're on the subject of Casimi Guitars... here are some pics of the African Blackwood C2 Signature soon to arrive at TNAG HQ. Enjoy!

Each Casimi Signature rosette is a unique work of art inspired by the place of origin of the back and sides woods. In this case Africa! Matthew Rice of Casimi Guitars is a master jeweller and his work on these carved rosettes from initial sketches to final installation is breathtaking. 

The beautiful metal work is repeated on the neck's position markers

and the Casimi Guitars logo. 

Here's Matthias Roux of Casimi Guitars preparing the guitar for final set up.

I can't wait to film this one!

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