Incoming Casimi C3 SIGNATURE - Quilted Maple / German Spruce!

We have just confirmed the specs of an extremely special instrument by Casimi Guitars which will be arriving in London later this year! 

It's a C3 signature in Quilted Maple and German Spruce and it promises to be an absolutely superb guitar. Here are Matthias Roux and Matthew Rise of Casimi Guitars with more information. 

We love Casimi guitars here at TNAG. They are extremely powerful instruments but they have a very rich and nuanced tonal spectrum to go with that projection. Playing a Casimi guitar for the first time is quite an experience, one that we would highly recommend in fact! 

Here's an example of their work in action. In this case a glorious C2 in African Blackwood and German Spruce

This instrument will be fully CITES compliant, an increasingly pressing concern these days. As for the Maple, well, it's one of our favourite woods. Click below to see exactly why!

For more information or to book an appointment please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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