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Incoming Greenfield G1.2 - Interview with Tony McManus and Michael Greenfield

We are very excited about the impending arrival of an extremely special guitar from Montreal's Michael Greenfield!

There's bit of back story with this guitar... while we're not in the habit of commissioning recreations of existing instruments there was one particular guitar that has haunted me for half a decade... This incredible G1.2 that Michael Greenfield made for Tony McManus!

This is a frankly astonishing instrument and I was delighted when Michael enthusiastically agreed to recreate it! It's a fan fret model (hence the .2) and was in fact the first guitar to feature the proprietary Greenfield DADGAD multi scale geometry which has become the most popular choice for Michael's bespoke fan fret guitars. 

Check out this interview with Tony McManus and Michael Greenfield for more information!

To learn more about this instrument, to arrange an appointment or to purchase please get in touch!

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