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Incoming Kostal OM Beeswing Mahogany / German Spruce!

Wonderful things are happening in Jason Kostal's Phoenix AZ workshop...

This is a very special set of Mahogany, delicate beeswing patterning with a 3D chatoyance and rich colours. And that's before finish! This will be the first Mahogany Kostal OM to enter Europe and we are really looking forward to hearing the deep fundamental tone so typical of that wood. Especially when coupled with the smoothness and immediacy of a German Spruce soundboard.

Here is a close up view of Jason's signature "Stained Glass" rosette made from dyed burls and ebony. Absolutely stunning...

This guitar is still available and is expected in November of this year. For more information please do get in touch

Click below for a guided tour of the Kostal Guitars workshop!

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